Tri Destiny Publishing is an independent publisher established in 2011, committed to bringing fresh, diverse, high-quality fiction to its readers.

Valuing the individual voice and unique imagination each author has, we believe an author is only at their best when they are encouraged to nurture that authentic self and allowed to stretch their creativity.  We continuously look for authors who are ready to leave behind the concept of “the formula” and think outside the box to craft engaging stories, building strong legions of readers who ask “when is your next book coming out?”

Our goal is to have “something for everyone.”  Whether it’s a classic love story, a spine-tingling thriller, a magic-filled fantasy, a contemporary general lit fiction, or even a book aimed at our newest readers, the young adult, we want our readers to be able to find exactly what they want here.


Hybrid Option for Established Authors Available

Tri Destiny Publishing is offering a hybrid option for established authors and co-authors who want to take the headache out of formatting, uploading their books, and royalty distribution. Check out our Publishing Services page for more information.


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A sequel was born

Three years ago, when Tri Destiny was in its planning stages, I read a book by Liz Crowe and I thought, “that’s the kind of work I want at Tri Destiny.” The story was different. The voice was unique. It wasn’t your typical genre-specific book. That’s what we wanted. Books that stood out and authors who had their own voice and weren’t afraid to use it. I remember contacting her about giving me something to help launch our fledgling house. Her reply was something along the lines of, “well, I have this one thing about these realtors…” Jack and Sara...

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A Valentine’s Day Rafflecopter with Liz Crowe

Our own Liz Crowe is participating in Eskimo Princess Book Reviews Mega Valentine’s Day Giveaway from February 10 – 16. Check out the entries below, and then visit Liz’s blog ( and join in all of the fun over there. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our Big Day

Yes, today is our big day! It is not the anniversary of our inception, but it is the anniversary of something that is almost more important.  So we count this as our official anniversary. It was two years ago today that we launched with Floor Time by Liz Crowe, and we are celebrating.  I can’t even begin to recount all of the things that have happened in the past two years, but I’m going to try to hit the highlights. In our first three months, we released what has now been dubbed by the fans as “The Jack and Sara...



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