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In an effort to continue to innovate in today’s ever-changing industry, Tri Destiny Publishing is offering new services to assist established authors grow their careers.

Netgalley Co-Op

As an author one of the hardest things to do is to get your book out in front of readers and reviewers. Netgalley can be a powerful tool, but an expensive hit against the indie author’s marketing budget.  For $400 for six months an author can list a single title. This title can not be changed out during that time. Over the course of the year, that equals two titles for $800. For most authors, that’s a large portion of their marketing budget.

Enter our Netgalley Co-op option.

As part of the TDP Co-Op, for $350 for the year, you can list your title and change them out throughout the year as needed.  Have a new release come out in three months and you want to change your listing to get new reviews for it? No problem.  Contact the co-op admin with the information sheet provided to you for changes, and they will get the listing updated.

Additionally, as part of Netgalley’s review feedback, there are three quick questions, one of which is “would you like to be contacted by the author about upcoming news, events, etc.?” This is a great tool for growing your newsletter and contacts lists once a reviewer has reviewed your book.

As with any Netgalley listing,  the admin will be able to approve/reject review requests based on criteria which will be listed on the information sheet provided to you.  If there’s a question about a specific reviewer, you’ll be emailed and you can make the judgement call.  The screening process will be in place to, hopefully, allow your book to be read by those who will be most likely to enjoy, review positively, and spread the word regarding your books.

If you’re interested in joining the TDP Netgalley Co-op, please send an email to coop@tridestinypublishing.com and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Our Hybrid Publishing Option

Are formatting, uploading, and royalty statements the bane of your indie author world? Do you find yourself saying “I’d rather be writing?” You are not alone and we’re here free you up to get back to writing.

Tri Destiny Publishing is offering a hybrid option for established authors and co-authors who want to take the headache out of formatting, uploading their books, and royalty distribution.

Authors will be able to submit completed, final-edit copy books with covers to us.  Upon acceptance and signed contract, for 20% of royalties, we will format and upload your book for distribution on your release date to the following outlets:

    • Amazon
    • All Romance eBooks (if applicable)
    • Barnes & Noble
    • iBooks
    • Kobo
    • Smashwords (which distributes to various other vendors world-wide as well).

If you are interested in more information about this option, please contact hybrid@tridestinypublishing.com

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