Open Submissions

There’s no “formula” at Tri Destiny Publishing.  We want authors and readers to find a home here with us.  We crave creativity.   We want authors to write what inspires them, even if it’s unconventional!


Submission Guidelines 

When submitting to Tri Destiny, please send a brief cover email to which includes: Genre, approximate word count, a short blurb, and any previous publication credits.  Along with those items, please send us a detailed synopsis of your work (2 to 4 pages), giving us information about the setting, main characters, conflict, full plot and resolution, and whether or not it is intended to be part of an ongoing series.   Please also include the first three ( 3 ) chapters and the final chapter of your manuscript.  If the manuscript is still unfinished, please let us know and give us an approximate date of completion.

**We are happy to take submissions from all authors who are presented simultaneously to other publishing houses, but we do request to be notified of this at the time of submission and keep us apprised of the ongoing status.**


Material which can be considered

Tri Destiny Publishing is open to submissions of all genre of work, fiction (including mainstream romance fiction, paranormal, suspense, and/or fantasy) as well as nonfiction.  If your story does not fit into one particular genre or you are unsure which genre to list, that’s fine!  Some of the best work we’ve read could have easily have fit into multiple genre categories!

We are generally flexible on wordcounts and accept submissions that range from 35,000 words to 100,000 words.  Keep in mind that the number of words will vary greatly during the editing process.  You may start out with 35,000 words before edits and end up with over 50,000 after.  Likewise, you may submit 100,000-word manuscript and after edits it could be 75,000.  Editing is a multi-phasic process, and there is lots of room for variation.


What we will not accept  

Tri Destiny Publishing will not accept any work in which the main plot line focuses specifically on any of the following: Illegal sexual acts (including but not limited to: pedophilia, necrophilia, incest or graphic rape scenes), bestiality (including half-shifted/fully shifted shapeshifter with human combinations), or overt racial intolerance of any kind.

If there is a specific scene that is an integral part of the story, not presented in a positive light, and the main plot line does not repeatedly use these scenes, the manuscript may still be considered.  We want our published works to leave the reader with a sense of positivity, happiness, and acceptance.


Submission Format

When sending your manuscript/synopsis please name them: Title_Author Last Name_First Name_file-type. (For instance, ”Jenna Duchan” would submit her manuscript with files named: “Dying to Love” as  Dying_to_Love_Duchan_Jenna-full, or Dying_to_Love_Duchan_Jenna-synopsis, etc.)

Your cover page on both files should have all of your current contact information on it as well as the basic details of your story: Name/pseudonym, email address, best contact phone number, working title (include the series name and number in the series as well if your submission is part of an ongoing series), if the book or series has been previously published with another company, the genre (to the best of your ability), word count, and a short blurb about your work (think “back cover summary”).

We ask that all submissions be sent as attachments in either an .rtf (Rich Text File) or a .doc (Word Document) file. Author’s name and book title should appear in the header or footer of each page thereafter.  Each page should have 1-inch margins.  Please use Courier New 12pt font or Arial 12pt font.

Each new chapter should have a page break before the chapter and the chapter title/number should begin approximately 1/3 of the way down the first page.  Unless the story has a specific naming scheme for its chapter titles, each chapter should follow a sequential numeric order.   In great stories, scene breaks happen!  Please designate scene breaks with three astrix ( *** ) and a blank lines before and after the astrix.

When you have everything ready, please send your query letter and submission to with “submission,” your name, and the genre in the subject line (unless otherwise specified above).